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Allows Edge to provide innovative solutions to clients risk and liability management programs

Edge LRM Operations Ltd. is the operating arm of Edge Liability Risk Management. Edge LRM Operations Ltd. is a licensee in western Canada that takes ownership of oil and gas sites. Edge works with clients to take over non-core assets that partners are looking to divest of.


Edge works with partners to create maximum value for their shared assets through the clean up of wells and infrastructure at the end of their producing lifespans. At the end of the day Edge is a junior oil and gas company, and has no intention of retiring assets that still have a healthy production horizon. 

Edge looks to improve value by cleaning up inactive assets, but will absolutely look to participate in production upside and make the best decision for the economics of the project. The Management team at Edge has run a number of private and public oil and gas companies, and have the background to add value to their partners on both the ARO and production side of the business (See TEAM). 

Please reach out to learn about how we can help improve your upcoming acquisitions and divestitures.

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